Upcoming Talk: VideoBrains

Mass Effect is only one of the examples of a more sexually diverse Christ-figure in gaming

Next week in Stratford, London I will be returning to speak at the monthly video game talk series VideoBrains. The theme of this month’s talks is ‘Dating’ and I will be covering the topic by presenting “Dating the Diverse Space Jesus”.

In this talk, which will cover matieral from the Mass Effect and Dragon Age series’*, I will discuss how video games present us with representations of Messianic characters – or ‘Christ-figures’- that have the potential to be more diverse in sexuality than previous media representations, such as those from film.

This will be my second time presenting at VideoBrains and I’m really excited to have the chance to present some of my current PhD research to the wonderful crowd who attend the talks. If you would like to have a look at my previous talk, “Midnight in the Virtual Garden of Good and Evil”, I’ve put it below.

The Eventbrite link to tickets is here: [Tickets] the event is on Tuesday the 28th February at Secret Weapon in Stratford. I’ll also be sure to upload the video of the event once it has been released.

* VideoBrains director Jake Tucker has graciously lifted the ban on Bioware games to allow me to present this paper so I’m feeling all kinds of flattered. 😛


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