Upcoming talk: Witcher 3 & The Gothic Village


In two weeks time I will be presenting at the wickedly good annual Re-Imagining the Gothic Symposium, hosted at The University of Sheffield. Re-Imagining the Gothic is one of my favourite events as it is a truly interdisciplinary symposium, with a real variety of talks on offer. It also helps that organising crew are fabulous people, although I may be a bit biased since they gave me an award last year! 😉

This year I will be speaking on “Religious Belief & The Gothic Village in The Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt“. Witcher 3, heralded as one of the greatest video games of all time, with an average of over 100 hours of gameplay, is brimming with Gothic tropes. In this presentation I will argue that instead of the traditional Gothic closed locations (think Dracula’s castle, or the tropes of haunted houses), Witcher 3 places the player within ‘The Gothic village’. This open-world landscape of death, decay and susperstition-turned-reality allows for indepth discussions of faith, folklore and belief – not your average fare for a blockbuster video game.

Registration for Re-Imagining the Gothic is open now, I can’t recommend this symposium enough!


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